Online Gambling Authority in Curacao is Warned by the Netherlands

The online gaming bill has been approved by the Dutch Lower House, and now regulators can fight against illegal gambling and offer gambling services inside the country. The Netherland government is now under great pressure and unable to crack down on the number of websites regarding Curacao.

Online Gambling Authority in Curacao

The country is trying to make its own regulated online market of gaming. Ronald van raak of the socialist party has asked the government about what step they have taken to tackle a great number of sites that are Curacao-based but providing the services to the Netherlands to a great extent.

The answer was provided that the government is taking serious action against illegal gaming online. Four ministers of justice have talked about this issue earlier this year. A formal inquiry has been made by the Dutch government, and in the reports, it is found that gambling services are getting offered by the Curacao-based company to the customers based in the Dutch kingdom allegedly.

Illegal gambling has become so concerning in the marketplace of Dutch. The investigation has resulted in transgressions in the end. A national ordinance has already been passed by the  Curacao Government for the regulation and the supervision of gambling. The offering of this gambling activity is working as the autonomous activity of the Curacao, which indicates that the Netherlands has no mandate for a ruling using their law outside.

Now, it is the act of the government of Curacao to conduct proper supervision in the place of online gambling. Jeroen van Wijngaareden and Nine Kooiman, these two MPs, have forwarded a calling as a bill for the Dutch Gaming Authority (DGA) and tried to exercise severe control against the gaming company. This has been supported by the second chamber closely. This is a very timely framework, but there are some aspects regarding this too. The Netherlands gaming has been passed by the Lower House, and in mid-2017, the government has opened the business door for its licensed operators. The bill has been subjected to debate and criticism at the beginning but broadly welcomed by everybody when industry benefits have been exposed.


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