Partnership for Belatra Games Is Unveiled by Salsa Technology

Salsa technology has gone to a partnership with Belatra games to enhance the platform of game aggregation.  The recent methodology will be helpful for the expansion of gaming platform in American industry. Each of the game made by the belatra games will also be available via one integration.  The origin is Belarus of this company.  In Latin America, the companies are trying to give the highest priority to the customers.

There are a lot of titles included the deal

Some of the titles can include the famous American and European roulette as well as the lucky roulette. Bingo is the part of the specific content deal.  There are also other slots like lavish Joker, bank robbers and others. The director and CEO of salsa technology Peter Nolte revealed his expression for having the chance of welcoming the casino titles, which is owned by Belatra Games. He also told that the partnership will be so productive if they work together for an extended period of time. A dominant position will also be created by this joint venture. The deputy director of Belatra Games has also expressed his thoughts. He said this partnership will allow to achieve the significant growth of the business that can be very helpful for increasing the platform of online games. Salsa technology was founded by the Patagonian entertainment some years ago. They started some projects for developing video games.

After some rebranding, salsa tech company started making a name for itself as I-Gaming platform for Omni channel.  Maybe this kind of platform is one of the innovative ways to rule the market. Most of the companies are already available in the Latin American and Asian market.  Belatra games also produce operating systems, electronic equipment that can create some chances to increase the profit of game arcades and casinos. Most of the manufacturers try out to connect those games for a better result. They also use the most advanced technology for being updated with the situation.  Development of company will be possible if the recent deals are compelling enough for the casino business.



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