PCR Test Raised Confusion in Curacao

A confusing situation has been created in Curacao’s KLM. It happened because of a PCR test which provides a Negative result. During the departure of the passengers, this test was done. Cees Ursum the regional manager of the KLM in his report has told that the departing passengers must show the statement of the test using the PCR test when they will depart the region. Depending on the arrival of Schiphol, the demand of the Netherlands has come to focus.

Negligence in the PCR test

It indicates that this case is different from the others as the flights departed on Tuesday and arrived on location on Wednesday. The website related to Foreign Affairs provided a correction regarding this recently. It has reported that if anybody would enter into curacao, he has to follow some rules and regulations of the little island. These are for the safety of the inhabitants of this area.

The passenger who will go to Netherland, they must have to be able to show a Negative PCR Report based on the COVID-19

tests. They may arrive using ship, train, bus or plane but they have to be tested to prevent the spread of the pandemic. The Dutch government has taken this measure for the prevention of the spread of the novel coronavirus. Experts believe this step was very crucial for the government to protect the spread and import of the virus from foreign areas.

People who will return from Curacao and arrive at Nether land must follow these rules and regulations. They have to take the quarantine of ten days and avoid the public encounter in this period.

According to the Ministry of Foreign affairs, the decision was made at the end of the night yesterday that they may let KLM flight fly towards the Netherland excluding the compulsory PCR test.

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