Peergame has received the iGaming License from Curacao

Peergame has received the Bitcoin SV gambling license from Curacao and revealed itself as the first company which has got the SV gambling license. Using a tweet in November, this operator has announced that it has got an eGaming license from Curacao.

Peergame has received the iGaming License

The people who are not familiar with the Peergame, should know that this offers ultra gaming experience which is also known as the ‘Casino 2.0’. The great thing here is the user does not need to sign up or log in the account. The players can make the bet from their personal wallet of BSV. If they get the fund, that is returned to them using the same wallet. They are offering the lottery game now and its name is Bitto. Besides this, they are also offering Dice, Baccarat, Ladder game and the Turtle Races.

Peergame has already released their announcement about their license. They are very happy with obtaining a gambling license. Though it took a longer time than their expectation they are not unhappy. The company has promised to provide outstanding user experience and they will not do any compromise with the security.

Their system is fully compatible with all the laws imposed by the regulatory authority. They have introduced a new system which was not before in the industry of gambling. To achieve this, they had to work tirelessly by preserving the unique user experiences. They are very proud to consider them as successful as one of the craving company in the iGaming industry.

Before, getting the license, they were regarded as the first casino which was powered by BSV and announced the affiliate program.  To educate the possible players, the organization has put a lot of effort by publishing the necessary guides. A newbie can easily learn about the inches and outs of gambling by utilizing their tutorials.

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