Restructure of iGaming Licensing System in Curacao

The Dutch island of Curacao has announced that it will overhaul the iGaming licensing system to improve its package of financial rescue. Because of the scarcity of tourists during the Covid pandemic, the economic downturn has been caused recently. The source found that iGaming is bound to restructure its licensing, according to Amsterdam.

iGaming Licensing System

In Curacao, iGaming licensing is undemanding, and the upcoming structure will help Curacao Gaming Control Board to establish regulation for online sports betting. It is expected to be live by March by getting the local license. It is also reported that anti-money laundering rules are going to be followed strictly.

It has raised concerns whether the island will be home to an online casino or not. Previously this type of serious approach was not taken for consumer protection of betting. Online casinos will be regulated strictly under this, and change may be executed in the upcoming six months. A stricter set of gaming rules will be followed in the small brick and mortar industries of casinos.

Curacao Gaming Control Board is playing the lead role here to solve the jurisdiction problem of 159000 people during the tourist dearth in this pandemic. iGaming licensing system is working as part of the larger federal financial package. Market researchers believe that this will place a significant role in the betting industry.

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