Silver Heritage Introduces New Board Members as It Attempts to Refurbish

Silver Heritage, a casino in Australia, has been diligently working for avoiding bankruptcy. Last May, the casino took the help of KPMG to inspect all its activities. The KPMG didn’t take much time to determine some of the beginning changes that should be made as soon as possible. Having KPMG helping with a shift that makes all new directors in position at Silver Heritage with an expectation that they will propel the company to greater prosperity.

KPMG has assigned Ryan Eagle and Amanda Coneyworth to guide the charge at Silver Heritage. After getting the sanction of a takeover bid submitted by HatchAsia, Silver Heritage’s prior board of directors, including the prior CEO Mike Bolsover, fellow director Darryl Kaplan and Chairman Matthew Hunter, has been excluded and a new board of director has been introduced at that place. Now there will be six directors who will take charge including Rafael Jose D. Consing, Jr., Kirk A. Arambulo, Ramon C. Garcia, Jr., Ross Keeling Jackes, Rodney Hall and James Campbell Edwards.

Arambulo is the working president and CEO of HatchAsia. Garcia is working as the executive director of DFNN, which is the parent company of HatchAsia. Consing adorning the rank of the senior VP and chief financial executive of a company established by the chairman and CEO of Bloomberry Resort Corp Enrique Razon. The transition feels possible following an official change in compact in Silver Heritage’s charter, and the ultimate control has been provided, according to the announcement of KPMG, to the new directors.

Uncertainty Still Hangs on the Horizon

What is kept for the Silver Heritage’s fortune is not much clear at this time. There will certainly be a lot of movement and shits undergoing internally. The new board of director had begun to excavate in and figure out the best measures and strategies to take at the end of the last year. But now they have legal support to make any kind of change.

Silver Heritage proclaimed to the ASX that it had been going to publish over 53 million shares to allure funds. 51.3 million will be spent to facilitate the planned restructure of the entity. The sector to put the rest of the money still remains unspecified.


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