Stan Mallin Died: A Famous Hotel And Casino Developer

A famous hotel and casino developer of Las Vegas, Stan Mallin died on Saturday at the age of 98 years. His wife, Sandra Mallin confirmed this news that her husband died on Saturday night. Stan Mallin was a popular hotel and casino developer of Las Vegas. He was awarded the Gaming Hall of Fame in 2019. Additionally, the casinos are not open in Las Vegas due to the coronavirus pandemic but some casinos are open now for visitors and guests. For instance, Las Vegas has opened Rio Casino.

The Gaming Hall of Fame

The American Gaming Association declared the three nominees for the Gaming Hall of Fame for the year 2019. Every year, an independent panel consisting of the gaming executives chooses at least two personalities who have outshone through their skills by making huge contributions to the entertainment and gaming industry. This journey has been going on since 1989.

In 2019, the panel selected casino developer Stan Mallin who distinguished himself in the gaming industry in the year 2019. Further, the other nominee was Elaine Hodgson, the CEO, and co-founder of Incredible Technologies. Besides, he was the creator of Triple Play Poker.

Stan Mallin Died
The Gaming Hall of Fame

The Business Journey of Stan Mallin

Stan Mallin met his business partner, Jay Sarno. Both were college students and roommates at the college hostel. Stan Mallin served the army then he visited Las Vegas with his partner, Sarno. Mallin’s wife said that my husband and his partner got shocked since there was no hotel and good stuff. Hence, they made their mind to create something better and innovative. Then they created Caesars Palace in 1966. At that time, gas was not available. So they sold this palace due to many difficulties while running the business. Then they made Circus Circus as well.

The Married Life of Stan Mallin

Stan Mallin met Sandra during this time. Both of them married to each other. Their marriage remained for 39 years. Later, in 2000, they started the Center for Sandra and Stanley Mallin Early Childhood in Temple Beth Sholom.

Sandra Shared The Qualities of Stan Mallin

Moreover, Sandra said that the funeral would be held on Tuesday morning. She further added that Stan Mallin was a gentleman. Besides, he is a quiet man and decent. He was a gaming pioneer. He was lowkey, always lowkey but still, he was quite generous.

Stan Mallin died
Stan Mallin with his wife


In short, Stan Mallin died who was a pioneer of the gaming and entertainment industry. Further, he was a famous hotel and casino developer who died at 98. Ultimately, no one can fill his space in the industry. It is a huge loss for the gaming and entertainment industry of Las Vegas.

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