Strict Regulatory Rules Introduced for Online Casinos by Curacao

A crucial requirement of the reshape package is the installment of a clear and legal virtual casino sector.

While Denmark has proclaimed a novel licensing phase, Curacao has started to reform its virtual betting sector. This is a matter of a letter from Deputy Home Secretary, Raymond Knops.

The legislation has been amended in the context of a contract signed with the Mainland on economic support during the pandemic coronavirus Landspakket. A couple of trenches under the context of the contract were shifted before May of 2020. The government has to meet numerous conditions to reshape national rules, laws, according to a report of Curacao Chronicle.

A prime requirement of this reshape package provided by the government is the development of a transparent online casino industry in Curacao. In particular, the H.19 and H.2 contracts of the package signal the dubious behavior and reputation of multiple thousands of operators who maneuver under Curacao’s license all over the world. A list of virtual casinos running under Curacao license can be detected on that page.

Package Detail

A total of three packages can be there. As integrated with the State package, the Curacao officials are to develop a plan for the installment and operation of a unique regulatory body in the betting sector. Further sanctions and licensing for casino operators will be conducted out by the same officials. Currently, the cost for the sub-licenses runs to the deposit of the prime licensees instead of the state budget.

The second requirement is Curacao’s license providers who are operating outside the country must agree with the gaming laws of Curacao and their associated countries by Sept 1, 2021. The present rules do not require such an agreement.

The third reform is about tax rates for the income of the operators. Under the general terms of the contract, Curacao’s economic authorities will be responsible to charge gambling tax, license fee, and corporate tax to all licensees.



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