Surprising Facts about Curacao Island

In the Caribbean, Curacao is an overlooked gem which should be focused by the authorities for its improvement. Most of the people of the world do not know about this tiny island, but it can work as a great site for the pleasure as a tourist spot. It is the least populated island in this archipelago and very fascinating and beautiful. Visitors may find many surprising things here which they do not find in the common world.

Surprising facts

The locals generally talk in a language called Papiamentu. This language is mainly a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese languages. But the people of the residence can also talk with the constituent languages. We find this interesting mix here as the history of this island is involved with settlement and invasion.

The main economy of the island is mainly focused on the tourism sector. There are several establishments of the casinos which have made this tiny island popular to the world of gambling. Most of the betting sites like or others have taken their gambling licences from Curacao. The authority of this tiny island work as the regulatory body in the online gaming industry to face the disputes and acts raised by the players. It also provides technical support for the new operators who are going to extend their gambling business online.

The island is free from the effect of the hurricane as it is situated below the hurricane belt. The average temperature is mostly the same always and very comfortable with the visitors. One may enjoy the scenic beauty of the coral reefs, which are really mesmerizing and flourishing. For the tourists, driving is recommended to enjoy the beauty of the island properly.

Though it is a thousand miles distant from the European continent, the inhabitants of the island hold a passport and citizenship of the European Union.

It is considered as one of the great picturesque islands in the world. With different colours, the traditional buildings are painted near the harbour, which increases the natural beauty. The people can be seen wearing bright clothing which is the traditional dress here during the Harvest Parade, which is conducted yearly in April.

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