Suspect of South Korea Casino Heist Arrested with Loads of Cash

A casino heist in South Korea seems to go in vain as most of the stolen cash has been recovered and one suspect has been arrested. On the last Wednesday, the South Korean holiday island’s of Jeju authority proclaimed the apprehension of an unrecognized Korean male of around 30 of age.

The suspected has assumed to play only a part of a big game. The whole heist robbed around 13.4M in cash from many VIP gambling room safes at Jeju Shinwa world resort casino.

Police have been observing the situation and keeping details secret except that the apprehended individual is a worker of kind of an agent company that allures and manages casino customers. Police indicated that the person could be a worker of one of the junket partners of the Jeju.

Police still stay on the watch for the blamed ringleader, who is a 55-year-old Malaysian woman executive who totally failed to rejoin her work after her holiday leave. On January 4, the company first reported the missing cash amount. It also reported that its female staff has also removed all the clips and video footage from surveillance cameras before leaving the office premise.

Police Most of the Money

Police reported that the staff and couple of other male abettors would have gone through difficulty shifting the cash as it consisted of around more than 600lb of 50 Won notes. It’s highly probable that the money is kept somewhere in the country.

Last week, police announced that they had successfully located around 8.1B in cash. It was founded inside a VIP safe house at that casino. It was not intelligible how Landing couldn’t be unable to find that money before letting the police know about the theft. Police also recovered an extra 4B from that Malaysian lady’s home. It leaves only 2.4B money to be found.

The Malaysian lady, along with her Chinese helper, was believed to have left South Korea. Police also assumed the possibility is high for these three to have more helping hands from outside of South Korea. They are still inspecting other surviving surveillance cameras for any sign of suspicious activities.

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