The Alcohol Ban of Curacao has been lifted for the Tourists

Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath has confirmed that Curacao’s alcohol ban doesn’t apply to the tourists staying in the hotel. Economic Development Minister Dr Steven Martina has signed a ministerial order to ensure this decision. This ban will be only applied to the citizen of Curacao. Before sometimes the government had banned alcohol serving for the catering industry. People of Curacao also can’t consume alcohol publicly according to the law.

Eugene Rhuggenaath lifts alcohol ban on tourists

The law of alcohol consumption in Curacao is attenuated for travellers from another country and the residents who will stay in the registered hotels. The guests of these registered hotels can be served with alcohol only inside the hotels.

All these measures are being adopted because of the current pandemic situation. The government is concerned with the further spread of COVID related sickness. The alcohol ban is being abided by all Curacao residents since December 1, 2020.

The previous decision of the alcohol ban shocked all the casino owners. They have been told to stop using alcohol in or outside their casino and hotel. The casino was told to close their doors for a while too.

No drugs are good for health. And alcohol addiction is as harmful as any deadly drugs available in the market. Most ignored yet dangerous addiction which has considered causing the highest death throughout the world is Alcohol addiction. People don’t realize it or ignore the catastrophic aspect of a person’s day to day life. There was a study which proved an alcoholic has less productivity in work and personal life. It also makes a person feel less confident and create a lot of health complications. And in the time of this COVID-19 infection being healthy and having a sound immune system can make the difference between life and death. Though the Casino owners were angry earlier, they must abide by the rules now.

On December 2020 three corona patients died in a day. The Netherlands were allowed to come directly to Curacao then. But the rising number of deaths made the government thinks otherwise. That’s when the government took strict safety measures.



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