The Covid Test Has Been Mandatory Again for Curacao Flights

The PCR test has been mandatory in Curacao again for the test of COVID-19 and the passengers who are leaving with the flights for the foreign countries must be quarantined for 10 days. A few days ago, it was found that the ministry of foreign affairs decided to allow the departure of the passengers of the KLM flight without any PCR test which was mandatory. This whimsical activity has raised so many controversies among the parliamentary members of the Netherlands. They proposed that this type of reckless activity of Curacao must be prevented for the safety of the common masses during this pandemic.

The covid-19 test has been mandatory

The authority of Curacao explained that because of the Christmas, their system got a sudden breakdown to conduct the test of a huge number of passengers. The load was really higher than their little capacity which has caused this mishap. It was impossible for them to carry out the test around Christmas. But they have assured that they are going to make the test mandatory again and no alteration of the system will happen again.

The passengers were also responsible for this as they are not prepared to attend in any type of test. According to them, this was total because of the mismanagement of the airport authority as they messed up the whole thing. They could not decide properly the tests will be carried out in which place. KLM also failed to provide further information about the location of the PCR tests for its passengers. They must have taken the facilities of various private laboratories and hotels to conduct the tests with proper management.

The website of the foreign minister of this country has posted a correction in their website mentioning the re-execution of the PCR test again for all passengers who are going to depart the country with flights, buses and trains.


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