The Police States on Strong Back Accomplice of Landing Int’l Thief

The cash stolen from a South Korean casino over these holidays was done by more than a single individual. The South Korean casino operator Landing Int. Development had been suffering from cash thieving throughout the holidays. After looking into the case and analyzing some of the evidence, South Korean police are now assuming a bigger hand’s involvement behind the scenario.

Earlier the current week, the casino Landing International said that one of its employees had made off with approximately $13.4 million in cash from one of its gaming venues Jeju Shinhwa World which is located on Jeju Island in South Korea.

On Thursday, the Yonhap News Agency purported that Landing had questioned police to trace down a Malaysian lady employee the company found suspicious of being behind the robbery. The unrecognized employee apparently did not get back to her designated post after those holidays and information about her is also currently bewilderment.

Suspicious Staffer

The staffer wiped the security footage of the casino before she finally fled with the money from the scene, making the police have no reliable evidence of her involvement in the heist. However, police are now giving shape to a theory. They assume that the employee must have some strong connections with powerful people.

The police counted it had taken a dozen of wooden apple boxes to hold this amount of cash. They hope that the involvers hadn’t decided to split their share of the total loot. A cargo so bulky as that would easily give itself out to the border guards. So, there was still a fair possibility of finding that asset and getting it back to the company’s treasure.

Some other Asia-Pacific betting operators have suffered similar incidents over several years. Heist from junket operators and VIP rooms of Macau casino are some exemplary instances.

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