Travel Restrictions in Curacao has been Eased Out

To protect the common people from the spread of corona virus necessary measures have been taken in Curacao. According to the declaration of Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath, the common people have to maintain the health issue even after the end of the lockdown.

Measures took by the president

He emphasizes that the citizen must have to maintain a systematic way to get return in the normal situation again. The relaxed measures will be valid upto March 8. The curfew became effective from February 26. It started from midnight and continued until 4:30 AM.

Horeca can be remain effective until 23:00 if they have a permit. Truki’s Pans (BBQ stands) can be opened from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Alcohol can be served if the restaurants intakes only 50% customers of its whole capacity.

During the matches regarding the sports, a maximum half of the sports can occupied. It can be a measurement of maximum 250 people. For the major sporting events the rules like these must be maintained too. In a closed hall public is not allowed to enjoy the matches. Crossfit rooms and gyms can hold a capacity of highest 25 people. Care home residents can receive 2 visitors per session.

The common masses are requested to maintain the laws and regulations properly. Rhuggennath has also emphasized that without becoming irresponsible the business organization must make these effort successful.

The travel restrictions will be completely eased out from the June 18. To enter into the island the following ban has been imposed. The travelers from Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius have already entered into the country.

The foreigners who are entering here are taking a quarantine of 14 days. If any Covid symptom is not found by them, they are getting free from the possible restrictions. Some restrictions are being maintained by the authority that a business organization will be penalized if more than 25 visitors are found gathered in a single place.  There is no strong evidence that the influenza vaccine will be strongly preventive for this. Maintenance of a contingency plan may work greatly to attain the success. The assistance must be raised from the individual, family and society to make health related measures effective.


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