2020 Reports of Gambling Dispute Service Published by French 

The first report of the gambling dispute of 2020 gets published by the National Gambling Authority of French. Mediator des Jeux en Ligne (The Mediator) released the first report and offer a solution to the argument between consumers and gambling operators.

Findings of the Report

In 2020, against licensed gambling operators, 1,420 disputes requested made by the French consumers. Due to the cancellation of the sports wager majority of the request for the conflict rises, and the percentage is 82 per cent.

The Mediator got a report about the further breakdown of the cases about the disputes. Inadmissible 761 requests deemed by the service failed, the Mediator revealed. In disagreement with the wagering operator, most claimants were unable to deliver any penned complaint, which causes the breakdown.

Five hundred thirty cases managed to solve by the Mediator from the considerable 659 applicants. To process in detail and settle a request on average, 62 days required by the Mediator.

The findings summary is that terms and conditions need to review by the licensed sports wagering operators. The Mediator again highlighted that the sports betting operators should provide clarity concerning the cancellation of the bet. The dispute management service report pointed out that the player needed precise details about the cash-out payment settlement. Moreover, the bonus offering related to wagering should also be available to the players.

Functions and Structure of the Regulator

Sports gambling and the betting licensed regulated by an independent authority ANJ. Moreover, to the parliament, ANJ make reports directly. ANJ governed by the board of which, for a 6-year term, consists of 9 appointed members. Against any legal operator who failed to provide the service properly, face the dealing with the sanction committee. The sanction committee deals with those operators who could not act as per the law and disobey the requirements.

In 2019, the Mediator established as an independent service of dispute moderating. The Mediator aims to resolve the disputes within the gambling context arising between the consumers and the operators. The function performs ANJ to protect the players from illegal gambling and make sure that the betting offer is fair. The national lottery FDJ, monopoly incumbent’s complaint and French horse racing also included in the Mediator service scope.