2021 Might Not be a Possibility of a Good Start for Numerous Casino Employees of Navajo Nation

In spite of most US tribal casinos not closing their doors, many people still decided to take necessary precautions to assist in controlling the worldwide pandemic. Some operators of tribal casinos were able to manage and maintain a level of typicality during the disastrous chaos when others happened to suffer. The Navajo Nation, which is a native tribe that operates some casinos in New Mexico and Arizona, has fallen into the second group. They cannot start their journey expectedly in 2021. Operated by Navajo Casinos, these four betting venues have laid off more than 1,100 employees, and permanent closure might be upcoming.

Worse Assumption

The layoffs were ensured and proclaimed on New Year’s Eve and it absolutely not the best way to observe the starting of a new year. The shutdown announcement affects New Mexico’s Flowing Water, Fire Rock, and Northern Edge, and Arizona’s Twin Arrows. The CEO of Navajo Gaming Interim Brian Parrish said that because of the extended closure since 2020’s March 17, all the business operations underwent serious impact, and consequently everyone must make highly difficult economic decisions.

As a consequence of the layoff, only around 165 workers will be working. However, that number can also change very quickly. The tribe is observing and looking for any turn into the condition and whether the impact of COVID-19 and the virus itself can be drawn under control. In case of any positive sign, the properties may reopen. Conversely, if the condition gets worse, the rest of the properties will be shut down and all the employees will be lain off.

Had that ultimate shutdown turned into reality, those four cities served by those casinos will stand to lose about $500 million grossly in yearend revenue and financial output.

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