A Case Study of Opening an Online Casino in Curacao

There are numerous companies all across the internet and Curacao which help different interested operators open online casinos in Curacao.

These companies work with an extensive network of service providers, which are professionals like accountants and lawyers. These professionals are mostly international, and they are most of the time, they call on to give their expertise and experience in Jurisdiction such as Kahnawake, Curacao, or Malta.

These clients are often operators looking to establish an online casino in the island country. Most often, it appears that they need to establish a company in Curacao along with a contract related to payment providers, bank account, tax planning, and compliance services and of course, the gambling license. The client also showed the necessity of progressive services from those companies. These services include annual reporting and maintenance.

Opening a gambling license in Curacao is mostly straightforward. Curacao Gambling Authority has been providing licenses since 1966. The entire process for achieving a license from Curacao is cost-friendly and simpler than other similar jurisdictions. Most experts suggest Curacao for start-ups as the authority of Curacao is less demanding when it comes to the requirement for getting a license.

Even companies who are planning on setting their casinos elsewhere should consider Curacao license to initiate their operation. Chances are, once they start with this license, they will remain under its coverage forever. Because it is one of the trusted, yet most flexible licenses provided by an entity.

Setting an Online Casino up in Curacao

The first measure a casino needs to incorporate is a company holding an offshore license and a European Union contracting company. This will allow the operator to run activities in several jurisdictions simultaneously. Thus, they will be able to engage in relationships professionally with a range of different stakeholders.

The second step requires operators to apply for the license. This takes only a little time and cost. Several agencies and law firms will be there to help the operator achieve the license without undergoing any hassles. The license providing authority will verify some information regarding the operator and requirements. If nothing comes up against the direct rule or condition, the operator will attain the license eventually.