Affilca Implements New Module and Extends Sportsbetting Products

Affilka is a popular affiliate tracking platform that has been developed by SoftSwiss. The platform has recently introduced a new module for its sportsbooks, aiming to enable operators to track more data relating to their players. SoftSwiss has remarked that newly introduced module to extend its product portfolio by enabling the company to collect data like players’ visit, registration, any deposit, and any cash-out.

This will be in addition to the data Affilka collects on different bets and any cancellation of bets, gross gaming revenues, wins, balance corrections, net gaming revenue, bonuses, and third-party fees. Product owner at SoftSwiss, Anastasia Borovaya, said that the sports betting market is growing at an exponential pace. Online casino operators are being interested in providing sports betting solutions more and more. SoftSwill could not but joined that force, and therefore, they decided their then and future clients an entirely new option expanding opportunities and supports to develop their efficiency.

A New Scope for the Future

By deploying this new module for sports betting, Affilca will benefit its recipients from the remarkable improvements which have been made to the commissioned constructor for RevShare and CPA deals within sportsbook within the boundary of sportsbook projects.

Affilca noted that all sportsbook operators could share a percentage of their total revenue with partners. The update also means that the share of the net revenue payable to different affiliates can be set or determined by various high-performance tiers like the sportsbook total revenue tiers, deposits, or the FTD number.

Anastasia Borovaya also says that they are highly excited to be able to launch this new module and join the world sports betting industry as the industry is radiating a brighter future than that ever. He also says that SoftSwiss will expand its territory to deliver more exciting projects.

Different adjustments to the model of CPA will allow casino operators to develop rules for eligible players’ qualifications, and it can be based on both their deposits and sportsbook bets. This will be extra to the availability of hybrid deals that includes the same settings as the RevSahre and CPA models.