Ahead of NYSE Debut Genius Sports Group Changes Name

In a bid, the Genius Sports Group has named itself Genius Sports to take a cohesive approach with a strengthening aim. As a result of rapid convergence in sports technology leadership, Genius Sports Group rebranded as a Sports group. Genius Sports umbrella will support the Genius Sports Media and Betgenius. According to Mark Locke, CEO, the company’s value proposition will strengthen and give better service to the clients through the consolidated approach.

Genius Sports Strengthens All Affiliates Under One Umbrella

Genius Sports Group is one of the leading technology service and sports data provider for betting operators. Recently the group unveiled that Genius Sports Group is changing its name to Genius Sports. The result of Genius Sports rapid consolidation is the transition into a single brand. As a result, Genius Sports will be the leader in providing live data, video, sports technology, and betting products to the fans.

The company will stop operating multiple brands as a result of this process of conversion. This means that with its subsidiaries Genius Sports Media and Betgenius, it is discontinuing. Instead, under the umbrella of Genius Sports, all business parts will consolidate. It consists of four pillars, and the pillars are Video, Sportstech, Sportsbook and Media and Engagement.

Right Before NYSE Listing Rebranding Comes

Across the company’s website, branding and social media, the changes will occur due to this transformation, apart from the new design and logo.

Chief Executive Officer of Genius Sports, Mark Locke, said that we are at the right time to consolidate all the offerings under the Genius Sports single brand. As a public company, we enter into a new era on the NYSE. Our value proposition will strengthen through this unified approach. Via the sports, advertising, betting, and streaming convergence, our vision of generating differentiated fan experiences will come true.

In November 2020, after the NYSE merging agreement, Genius Sports planned to go public announced by itself. The combined company’s growth capital is estimated at $150 million and a debt-free balance sheet to boost global expansion and the US.

Innovation, connectivity, and the company’s comprehensive knowledge about the industry will reflect in the new brand, Locke added in his statement.