As Pandemic Rages on, NagaWorld to Slash 1,300 Jobs

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Cambodia, NagaWorld property is facing hardship, and it will slash 1,300 jobs. NagaWorld, to continue its battles with the pandemic effects, is looking to cut 1,300 jobs as the operators. The caseload of Cambodia continues to reduce the revenues as foreign travel is facing tremendous cutting off.

NagaWorld Forces by the Pandemic to Lay Off 1,300 People

As the Covid-19 pandemic continued to increase by numbers and put pressure on the country’s healthcare system, the company forced to cut 1,300 jobs. In this context, over one thousand jobs the NagaWorld will dissolve, and the workers union criticize this.

Though the NagaWorld has responded that, to keep employees on the payroll, it has fought hard, and to reduce costs, it enacts various mechanisms.

The company wants to continue at the present capacity, and it decided to cut salaries across the board. But the coronavirus pandemic forced the company to take primary drastic measures.

An estimated 15 per cent of the company’s total workforce will lose their jobs, and the unions are not happy with the decision.

Chhim Sithar, the Union leader, spoke to Reuters and stated that during the pandemic, the workers had worked and to make a profit for NagaWorld, they risk their lives. However, the final result is the company is cutting them off.

The workers who lost the jobs may strike, but the issue is quite hard. In the raging pandemic context, one of the gambling companies is NagaWorld which keeps the staff for the longest time.

With Few Real Choices NagaWorld Left

Nevertheless, the worker’s current mood best captured by the statement of Sithar, who feel that the workers did not get adequate support. On Reuter’s reporting, NagaWorld did not make any comment yet. But same as everyone else, the pandemic also affects the operators.

Since April 7, the country’s Covid-19 cases have increased steadily, and the hospitality industry has starved for tourists. Only foreign clientele allowed to cater in Cambodia, so the local cannot gamble.

NagaCorp posted that, in 2020, it has reduced profit by $102 million, not too shabby a state considered all things. Further, the decision of NagaWorld criticized by the Sithar, arguing that they are violating the country’s labor law and, based on the seniority adding the redundancy. In Phnom Penh, NagaWorld is the sole casino to offer to wager.