At Loot Boxes, Children Association of Brazil Charges

Loot Boxes and in-game purchases become the aiming point for ANCED. To expand the children’s protection and as a form of gambling to classify loot boxes, they are asking the court.

ANCED stands for National Association of Centers for the Defense of Children and Adolescents. To the Judicial system, ANCED is petitioning to establish that gambling establishes in loot boxes.

With the new set of rules in the country, many video games operator and publishers may have to comply. And this will result in available gaming products leaving the loot boxes. Seeking further compensations and penalties, seven legal cases reportedly bringing by ANCED targeting Garena.

Children Association of Brazil Targets Loot Boxes

For many years now, a thorny issue is Loot Boxes. While as a lucrative revenue model readily, the developers are embraced by the developers, and to say the least, the government has unconvinced.

Loot boxes criticism has grown in the last several years, and similar to betting, the in-game purchase regulatory call intensified. With a crooked eye, lawmakers are finally watching loot boxes.

Loot boxes re-regulation will not be so tricky, and already the process has begun if any indication in the United Kingdom. Already for an outright ban, Brazil is looking for this. In a particular in-game purchase and loot boxes become the aim of ANCED or the Children Association of the Country.

In online casino games, gambling mechanics remind in loot boxes because of their randomized outcomes. In Brazil seeking to restrict loot boxes access, seven lawsuits are now bringing by ANCED.

Under (Free) Fire Garena Comes

Against the company, ANCED brought legal moves and Garena already targeted by ANCED in their first moves. According to the association, the judiciary has sufficient opportunity to expand protection for children, family, and adolescent.

Against Garena, Rs 1.5 billion asked as compensation by ANCED and another penalty for the company’s Free Fire battle royal game is Rs 4 million daily. On a well-established basis, ANCED builds its dispute. That is, gambling constitutes loot boxes. Already, some country decided against loot boxes and in-game purchase, even though the publishers offered the workaround. Netherlands and Belgium suspended loot boxes outright.