Bonaire Hardens its Covid-19 Measures

One of the islands associated with the Curacao archipelago, Bonaire, has recently become more concerned over the recent surge of the number of covid infected people on the island.

Since the advent of the lethal virus, the local government of Bonaire never fell short in an attempt to prevent the virus’s spread. Being a small island country, it never required its inhabitants to go through any toil to do so. Until a few days ago when suddenly 55 people in Bonaire got detected with Covid symptoms.

Stricter Measures to Save the Day

Having few options to execute, the Bonaire governor has decided to apply a strict measure to prevent further spread. This measure is large to bound some entities and facilities from opening or arranging any public events.

According to a source, the new restriction has applied since 5 March at until 11:59 p.m., 19 March. The governor seems to take little time to announce the restriction. The announcement came just one day after the island registered 55 active cases within its area.

Edison Rijna, the Lieutenant of the island, said that those infections inflicted extra pressure on public health care.

To limit the spread, Bonaire has drafted a 5 layered plan according to assumed risk level. It will climb from level 3 to 5 considering the situation and projected threat by the infection.

The new regulations are also aligned with that of the earlier announcements. It said the island requires upscaling its measurement to confine such a large increase in the infection number. Other actions like the vaccinations will proceed in their usual course.

According to the restrictions, contact professions, unnecessary stores, cinemas, and sports facilities will be closed until any new directive. Not more than one guest can be received, and from a household, only one person will be allowed in daily commodities stores. Restaurants and cafés can only offer specific services till 10 p.m.

The Lieutenant governor also urged people to work from home as much as possible.