British Colombia Casinos’ Reopening is Still in Question

British Colombia casinos are closed for about one year. The province has not set up any plans for reopening yet. It has been 350 days, and Casinos in British Colombia are still shut down. Dr. Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer, declared to shut down all casino activities and obey the public health rules due to the advent of highly infectious novel coronavirus on 16 March 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic puts the gambling business in the dark, and nobody knows the exact time when gambling will arrive with its large-scale business.

Stakeholders are eagerly waiting with hope. There is good news that could give a view of the casino’s current situation in British Colombia. Stewart Groumoutis, the head of gaming, announced that the authority is looking for more effective solutions, including stakeholder processes. But there is no fixed date when BC casinos can start their activity again. Gromoutis spelled out the rules and regulations that make it difficult to reopen the casino business publicly. He claimed that he is continuously in touch with sustained contact, and probably this conversation will bring a very positive result in time. Everyone knows that it is precisely the thing everybody is eagerly waiting for.

Present scenario of casinos in British Colombia

Due to the lockdown, casinos were unable to bring their profits for the entire year. Besides, they ought to adopt an extemporary amount by itself. To ensure the social distancing to allow them back to work. Also, they had to purchase stuff for the floor layout. It could be cost around $2 million for reorganizing the gaming floors.

Chances Gaming’s owner said that he had to take out 400 seats and reorganize the slots by spacing to obey the public health prerequisites.

Despite the considerable cost, Walt attempt to complete those soon. He said he would want to reopen the casino with all regulations after fixing an additional air ventilation system to purify the air.

However, it will be tough to see bingo return with measured social distancing. Walt does not expect that the scenario will be usual again before 2022 or 2023.