By 2024, A World Class Resort Could Have in Richmond, Virginia

To build a world-class casino and resort, Bally’s Corporation tendered a proposal to Richmond with a budget of $650 million. In 2024 Richmond could open its first world-class resort and casino. Bally’s proposal includes a strong supporting focus on Richmond’s communities. This project annually could attract 3.7 million visitors, and 2000 employees can provide job opportunities.

Bally’s Richmond Casino Resort Could Entice 3.7 Million Visitors

Bally’ Richmond Casino Resort would comprise a 4-star hotel, pool and spa, sportsbook, super dining amenities, a state-of-the-art casino and live entertainment conference place. The resort could offer full-time job for 2000 employees and could attract visitors 3.7 million annually and per year could generate $415 million profit.

Over 1.6 million square feet on the west side of Virginia, the proposed resort would spread. Without disturbing the nearby communities, it would be a popular destination, and the location promises it. The alternative would have direct access to the highway and the downtown area.

It would take approximately 18 months to build the projects, and in 2024, it will open. The construction cost will be $650 million, and to Richmond City, a one-time payment of $100 million included.

Last year, with Elite Casino Resorts, Bally’s Corporation entered into a long-term partnership and in Iowa secured its position. Over 11 states, Bally’s reach extended through this collaboration and this the first state on which the land-based casino does not operate.

Bally’s Corporations Chairman and Board of Directors, Soo Kim, stated that he is interested in the city’s prosperity. He said that this project was developing the opportunity and emphasized, and he is grateful for the opportunity. He added that this project could improve the city’s prosperity and could create thousands of jobs. Kim again stated that Bally wants to promote diversity as to the local business it committed.

Bally’s Corporation Focus Strongly on Richmond’s Local Business

While working on this project with local business and communities, Bally would form a long-term partnership and support them. It will also include a unique program named “Richmond Rewards”, through which the local retailers would allow to pay off the rewards of players and guests.