Carnival Casino Curacao Invites Gamblers Offering Outstanding Experience

Wind Creek Carnival Casino of Curacao invites all the fun-loving travelers who are looking for a gateway to make their leisure vacation worth remembering. By implementing the latest technologies and offering the biggest rewards, the Casino promises visitors an outstanding casino experience.

Wind Creek refers to itself as the home of incomparable and lavish Casino on the island of Curacao. But the stunning interior and palatial scope of gaming ascend Wind Creek Carnival beyond being just a home of Casino.

The indoor gaming facility covers around 11,000 square feet and fills the room with all the latest slot machines and table games. Nonstop events and sports can easily hook you and make you feel lost for a long time in the Caribbean carnival.

Scope and Features of the Casino

Newly renovated and restructured Wind Creek Carnival has introduced and added the latest technologies and refurbished its gaming models. It has 12 tables with progressive over $80,000. In addition to those, more than 250 slots feature all types of laughter, flashing lights, high payouts and suspense. The thrill and adrenalin rush from playing those slots make them visitors’ games of choice.

Other than these, the Casino offers several denominations and a variety of machines to be chosen by the visitors, such as different progressive slots, video poker, and other multi-video games. Guests can play Bingo on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. There will be a cash money campaign weekly. 12 Play Tables features Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Roulette, and Three Card Poker, all of which are highly popular all across the world.

Wind Creek Reward Membership

In addition to other marvelous offers, Wind Creek provides a reward point membership for the players. The variety and the number of rewards are unparalleled to that of other companies. All the redeemable rewards point one can earn by simply joining and playing any game that the Casino offers.

Members can spend those points to enjoy exclusive perks, services and discounts at Wind Creek’s Caribbean resorts and in the other location in the U.S. under the same name.

Unparallel quality of services and ardency to entertain the guests builds a strong reputation for Wind Creek. And this reputation doesn’t seem to be vaporized shortly.

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