Casino Entertainment Shows Return in Las Vegas and Southern California

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Las Vegas and California had to cancel all live events. Now, it’s normal to crave to sing with a famous artist in a concert, attend a comedy show, and so on.

Casinos have arranged those types of live events continuously before the pandemic. Now, the number of coronavirus cases has been turned down as well as the COVID-19 vaccine is bringing new hope to us. That’s why there are thoughts of resume entertainments and wide-ranging events depending upon these pandemic turns.

Upcoming Entertainment Shows

Most of the casinos didn’t announce grand entertainment shows, and some are working on modifying target dates for a concert or show. Luxor Hotel and Casino arranged small range shows, and casinos in Southern California’s tribal are working on their plans. There is no list of upcoming concerts on Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa, Casino Pauma, and Spotlight 29 Casino’s website. But Harrah’s Resort Southern California arranged two shows as their website indicates.

In March, Fantasy Spring Resort Casino is planning to organize limited capacity outdoor shows, more likely Rock Yard Tribune concerts as well as Latin nights and country nights. The Rock yard will arrive on 12 March, the Country Nights on 16 March, and the Noches De Fuego Latin Nights on 17 March. Usually, all of their shows run outdoors till early December. The large spread of COVID-19 cases, cold weather, global stay home order insists on holding on Fantasy Springs concerts.

Public Relations Manager Michael Felci said that they had used their time taking care of nitty-gritty operations there and regrouping. He also added that they were very excited to start. There is a hope that concerts could proceed again as scheduled if the COVID-19 cases drop soon. Fantasy Spring aims to return concerts in the autumn, as Felci said. He added that it’s too quick to share every detail about the show’s setup and the approximate capacity.

Fantasy Springs advertising director Mandi Witkower makes sure that all the public health prerequisites like social distancing, wearing masks, and temperature checking will be maintained strictly.


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