Casino Fatal Shooting in Parking Garage is the utter Shocking US Incident at Detroit Motor City

On Sunday, a 25-year-old man was subject to a fatal shooting at Casino’s parking garage at Detroit motor city. This fatal shooting occurred at the parking garage of the gaming property.

The victim’s 25-year-old girlfriend gave a statement to the police that a fight took place in Casino’s garage at 1.48 a.m. and the victim unfortunately got into it.

An unidentified third person began to shoot in the dispute and the boy’s bad luck that he got into it and the man’s death caused by wounds suffering.

The Detroit Police didn’t disclose much about the case, but they are continuing to investigate the shooting that took place in the Casino.

The Detroit cops are searching for all the possible witnesses of this case and tries to find out all the physical evidence. The autopsy of the victim is likely to done by the local medical examiner.

Security Issues at Casino

All this issue and the death of the 25-year-old man are raising questions about the security of the Motor City Casino. The Casino states that they are giving top and highest priority to the security of their guests and employees. The Casino also states that they are fully cooperating with the police and law enforcement agencies to find out the criminal and solve the issues that occurred at their parking structure.

The Detroit police are expecting helps from the public and telecasting that the general people should inform the police if they know anything about the issue. The contact number given by the police is 313-596-2260 or at 1-800-Speak-Up crime stoppers.

Violent and shooting in parking garage gaming properties is not new at all. According to the local newspaper, this frequently occurred at the Casino’s gaming property. The incident that took place in February can also link up in this issue. In February two men are brutally stabbed several times in the garage parking areas of Nugget Casino Resort.

Detroit and the casino’s parking areas are marked by violent crimes such as horrible stabbing, fighting and shooting.