Casino Submission Deadline April 6 Decided by Osaka, MGM Resorts Sole Bidder

The government of Osaka declared that the proposal submission report for the casinos will end on April 6. Only a proper quality scheme has been submitted by MGM Resorts at present time.

Ichiro Matsui, Osaka Mayor says that only one week left for the company who are eager to submit casino development needs.

In Japan, one of the leading candidates’ cities is Osaka associated with integrated resorts. The actual submission deadline was July for the casino to submit their deadline. But for the ambitions of IR, the third-largest city in Japan (on Population term) is now setting another expedient schedule.

Different cities in Japan are now handling proposals for those casino parties who are interested. The winning bidder from each region will submit their case to Tokyo national government. Finally, which three presentations are selected to receive gaming licenses will be decided by National Diet.

The commitment of Osaka MGM

Casino dream in Japan was targeted by MGM resorts long ago and their targeted city is Osaka. A campaign title named “Osaka First” was launched by a global gaming company, the Nevada-headquartered.

Jim Murren, the former MGM resorts CEO had a strong advocate for the company that is investing in Osaka. The leading sponsor of the MLB event is MGM Resorts Japan.

The pandemic of Covid-19 caused the prevention of forming relationships and partnerships among MGM and Osaka, Japan. The year 2020 was not productive at all, of course, it could imagine.

Bill Hornbuckle who replace Murren told that the MGM company investors have still believed in Japan.

In the development of IR, the company is trying to play a reduced role. MGM has made a partnership with ORIX which is a Japan-based financial service.

MGM and Happy Osaka

As Osaka gives the hints that within the early next month RFPs should be submitted, it gives a positive hint that Osaka is happy to move forward with MGM/ORIX.

Osaka has demanded an exclusive casino proposal which should feature with convention space 215,000 square feet, and within 15 years it should expand to 1 million square feet at least.