CDC Marks Two More Regions Risky to Travelers

A couple of renowned Caribbean islands have made the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s list of locations Americans, as well as people from other regions of the world, should avoid visiting. Several other similar agencies have also warned travelers and gamblers against visiting those sites for a while.

These two newly marked dangerous zones are Curacao and Antigua and Barbuda. They have enlisted by the CDC that last week. According to the agency, both those spots have Level 4 covid designation right now, which implies a high risk of pandemic infection. Both spots are island areas, and they join some other popular locations, which reflect the highest warning, including Mexico and Aruba Saint Lucia. All of them are welcoming to U.S. tourists and punters.

While the CDC discourages traveling and advises all travelers to testify their negative Covid-19 state before shooting for the U.S.- the country continually publishes its updated list of countries assessing them by their risk level. To set a country’s position, the CDC uses different Covid-19 data, including taken from the World Health Organization. It also looks into incidence ratio and updated infection trajectory.

Current Procedure for the U.S. Travelers

Presently, Antigua and Barbuda requires travelers to arrive by air with a demonstration paper of their negative Covid-19 PCR test taken within a week of the flight. The Barbados U.S. Embassy has attested to the procedure. Afterward, all the passengers get monitored for Covid-19 for around two weeks.

Curacao also has a similar procedure for its visitors. A negative Corona PCR test is mandatory, which should be taken within the last 72 hours before their boarding on their flights. After providing the PCR test result, they fill out a web immigration card and a Passenger Locator Card. Both of them must be filled up within 48 hours of landing on the island. In addition to all these, visitors must possess medical insurance so as to cover them for any fortuitous illness with the Covid-19 virus while visiting.

With this list published, Curacao and Antigua, and Barbuda now have some serious measures to take to limit further infection and bring the situation under control. Otherwise, both tourism and gambling industries will fall into a deeper abyss.