Century Waits for Approval for the New Casino Opening in Cambodia

Century Entertainment postpones the new casino opening by complying with Cambodia’s health authorities in Dara Sakor. The casino’s opening held a delay for the third time due to Covid-19. Since early April, there is a steady climb up of new Covid-19 in Cambodia.

Following multiple delays, Century Entertainment has failed to open its new casino in Dara Sakor due to the number of Covid-19 cases.

Century Entertainment Casino of Cambodia Remains Shut

The casino Century Entertainment International Holdings need to reconsider the starting date and slow down Dara Sakor because there is a continuous increase of the caseload of Covid-19, which is cutting off the lifeline of the entertainment business.

In several months, the opening of the property has rescheduled three times. The opening initially announced in February but is delayed by one month every time.

“on the preparation work for reopening there is no significant progress including the casino staff’s training provision and system testing”. Last week the Property owner said this.

Nevertheless, the property will remain standstill, and it will continue its preparatory work to ensure the government’s grant.

The Casino Still Shut While Originally Planned it in February.

In Sihanoukville, the casino initially planned to open by Century Entertainment, and in the same city, it involves relocating another property. But according to the request of the company’s chairman, it ended up opting against it.

Century becomes hopeful that it will finally be able to reopen the property. The property will feature seven Niu-Niu poker tables, 20 mass gaming tables, and for baccarat, ten tables earmarked with other gaming amenities such as sic bo, blackjack, 25 VIP tables and live poker.

The only country in the region affected by the virus and this virus created a mounting health crisis in Cambodia. On Thursday, India shuttered the casino operations in Goa due to its unprecedented epidemic. And it will remain close for some time. The country’s death toll increases tremendously, and it is climbing up so quickly, so they have to take action.

According to (WHO) official data, the Cambodia caseload is climbing steadily.