Changes in Curacao License Looks More Alike to Malta

New Independent Regulatory Body

Inside the Package, from the Netherlands, the first demand is forming a proactive and new regulatory body. The new Regulatory Body will issue the latest permits and regulate that the operators are following the rules stated under them.

Curacao is using the Antillean Guilder, but it’s not in the Eurozone. But the new master license price will increase to ANG240.000, which is about 113 thousand Euros or $134.000. from the current $35,000, this is a steep increase which expected to pay by the operators.

All the operators become forced to follow all the rules because of the possibility of losing the license. The license itself will look more valuable if higher gambling standards abide by the operators.

The Acquisition is Slightly Strict.

Operators now need to prove that they have enough financial capability to run an honest gambling business if they want a Curacao license. The operators need to prove their financial capability to run a business, paying out the significant prizes and jackpots without delays.

Also, the EU standards need to follow the operators by which the customer’s privacy information gets regulated. To gain access to the European market, most of the good operators already doing this and a significant impact cannot create by such a change.

Stop Targeting Player

Under the gambling regulation of the EU, player targeting should forbid. Now, all the Curacao license holders need to hold the proactive tools that will help people prevent overspending.

Additionally, to prevent identity theft or prevent any change of data, players change in behavior or IP address will prong investigation.

Increase Oversight

Unlike before, a more ‘Hands-on’ approach will assume by the new Curacao agency to the license holders. The institution will make regular inspections, testing, and information requests to ensure that everyone follows the new rules.

Look More Alike to Malta

Compared to the license of Malta Gaming Commission, many have considered Curacao a ‘second-grade license. This is because the island-nation of Europe has following the EU laws since they produced.

With these new deals, the Curacao license will be more valuable with the new rules and more alike to Malta.