Clean Up Process on the Gambling Acts has been Started in Curacao

Curacao is highlighted now for the safe haven of the shady gambling sites online. The Dutch government has become very strict to the licensing activity of its authority as it was providing licenses to most of the gambling operators making the regulations lesser strict.

Law enforcement in Curacao

The government of Netherland has strictly told to the president of Curacao to clean up its gambling acts. If the little island does not maintain the rules and regulations imposed by the government, it will not get the financial package that is available for the second part.

Travel restrictions have been imposed already in this little island to reduce the effects of the pandemic. Curacao’s economy is mainly dependent on its tourism industry. Due to this pandemic, it has lost its visitor to a great extent which has kept direct effect on its tourism industry. Getting financial support from the mainland is very important for this island and for this reason it is trying to abide by all the rules.

For online gaming Curacao was entirely adopted by the casino owners of the world. It mainly issues four types of licenses for the gambling operators and among them Atillephone, Cyberluck and Gaming Curacao play the vital roles.

As the economy of this land has been shrunk by 30 percent, they have hardly any choice without accepting the domination of the mainland. This endeavour has been welcomed by the members of the parliament of Dutch government and among them Ronald van Raak can be mentioned. He also said that some of the politicians are also involved with the malicious activities regarding gambling.

It is found that billon dollars are involved with the gambling industry in Curacao but money laundering activities are also on a rise. The concern has raised because of the involvement of the drug money under the veil of Casino.