Court’s Decision Favors Boyd Gaming’s Dealer

In tip pooling, one dealer of Boyd Gaming Corporation’s Kansas Star Casino scored a legal achievement. Other gaming employees will also be benefited from this decision. In the proceeding, an attorney named Roger James constituted a plaintiff in the current memorandum. Daniel Crabtree, the judge of the Kansas US District, particularly agreed with the claim. He explained that tips were offended by the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) for Boyd Gaming. The FLSA is the key law of federal employment.

James earned payment based on per hour. He also earned tips from tip pooling at Boyd Gaming Casino. Crabtree explained that an employee could receive a tip less than the minimum salary according to the FLSA. But a ‘tip credit’ has to provide to make the difference by the employer.

According to McClelland, that was a great victory for their clients, and it will allow around 8000 sub-minimum wage workers beyond the county to get their minimum salary right in one case.

Robert Jarvis, professor at Shepard Broad College of law in Nova Southeastern University, said that the prosecutor got all the things he needed, such as both collective certifications. it indicates that this case could proceed within the detail of contact information and that will help the prosecutor to reach the prospective class members, but Jarvis is not involved in this case anyway. He indicates that there is a lot of misusing of FLSA’s remuneration aspect in lots of different types of industries. He recommended the FLSA clarify this tipping aspect. It is up to the court to make sure that employees are following FLSA rules scrupulously. Because Congress did not show their interest in it, but it is clear that Judge Crabtree took that responsibility very immensely. His lengthy and conscientiously balanced opinion is an example of it.

Effects on Casinos

Jarvis explained that there should not be any effect for those casinos who carefully follow the tipping rules of FLSA. But that casinos are not following FLSA rules or previously did not follow could be serious and costly consequences. He hopes that the Boyd Gaming Casino will bring a reliable solution very soon.