Crown Casinos to lose its license?

July 20, Sydney – The famous Australian Crown Resorts Ltd is under an inquiry due to malpractice and one of the inquiry reports on Tuesday suggested that their license should be taken away from Crown Casinos because the culture they have been promoting is against the rules and regulations the Casinos have to follow in Australia and it is very dangerous.

Crown Casinos
Crown Casinos is in deep trouble.

The lawyer who is the head of the inquiry said that it will take almost 24 months for the Crown Casinos to be able to meet the minimum requirements to be able to run a gambling operation with respect to the rules and regulations of the Australian government.

James Packer who is a well-known billionaire figure in Australia will see three-quarters of his profit vanish as the federal court has suggested to close down the main casino in Melbourne city, which is the main of Crown Casinos.

“The program of corporate rebirthing that Crown says is underway is insufficient and so uncertain as to lead this commission to the conclusion that there is a sufficiently clear pathway to suitability.” This is what Adrian Finanzio said, who is the lawyer of the state.

It is good to remember that Crown Casinos is in hot waters because of malpractices and another severe breach of trust including using the gambling habits of the customers openly to their advantage. This led to this inquiry and another severe lack of regulation was found rampant in the culture of the casino.

The verdict further stated that Crown Casinos have to pay $480 million in gambling tax revenue if it is found in other malpractices, remember they have already y paid a fine of $50 million to the state in the form of gambling tax revenue.

The company has accepted their mistake but the severity of the crimes are to an extent that they can’t be forgiven easily and it has a permanent dent on the reputation of Crown Casinos.