Curacao Betting License Has Fallen Under Scrutiny; Dutch Inquires Entities

Dutch MP for the Party of Socialist Ronald van Raak has been asking about the betting sector of Curacao among all the other Caribbean courts in the Netherland Antilles. Local media has already turned into a platform for such discussions. According to the news published Curacao Chronicle, the MP has sent a formal letter to Ronald Plasterk, the Minister of Kingdom Relations, inquiring if the Minister accords that Curacao has been failing to supervise and operate the virtual gaming sector for many days. It has also been seeking transparency on the possibility of a communications company with is plan on expanding might also enlarge virtual casino and short messaging service lottery offering.

Thorny Inquiry

Ronald Van Raak wanted to know in the letter if he agreed that Curacao had terribly failed its monitoring of the gaming sector. If so, then what role did he see for the Supreme Kingdom to abolish those activities

Going further deep into his inquiry about UTS, Raak also wanted to know how did he define that UTS and all its subsidiaries are open and public companies, however, did not belong to this country and any of its institutions and also that the General Auditors Court didn’t authorize the supervision?

This thorny and intimidating question of virtual casino licenses has also been addressed with the member of parliament sweeping out three virtual casinos. One of these virtual casinos shut down as soon as Raak’s inquiry came out.

The letter also asked by whom and when the establishment mastered all license holders and sub holders for virtual betting, especially when it came to e-zones, perceived and implemented?

By the closure of that week, Curacao Betting Control Board and United Telecommunication Services had acted according to the news in St. Maarten’s The Daily Herald. Afterward, the GCB had to defend its way of handling responsibilities.


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