Curacao Casino License Provides Players Protection and Gaming

As everybody knows, one Curacao license can cove all interactive games. This is called the master license or the iGaming IP license. At the same time, the third parties can enjoy sub-license opportunity with this master license. The company who has a master license can provide sub-license. However, the issuing company will be hold responsible for all the actions the third party do with the issued sub-license.

Under the master license, all the interactive games covered: lottery, sports betting, exchange, casinos, the game of chance and game of skill.

Player Protection and Responsible Gaming

One of the 36 members of FATF (Financial Action Task Force is the Kingdom of Netherlands since 2014. At the same time, the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) member in Curacao is also FATF’s associate members. All FATF recommendations agreed to implement by Curacao and for the assessing compliance purpose undergo evaluations. Of these notifications, casinos required to take notice, as stated on the gaming commission websites. The casinos needed to include them in their Customer Due Diligence Policies, if applicable. Moreover, to comply with terrorist financing legislation and anti-money laundering provisions and guidelines, the casinos need to include all these notifications.

Reputation of Curacao

For years, the online casinos of Curacao have a terrible reputation in the player protection and customer support area. It seems, to improve the quality of gambling, the government is on a mission. Curacao gambling is to be following the CFATF and FATF regulations since January 2014. Next to that, for land-based gambling, the gaming control board also imposes the players and casinos compliance regulations with their notifications of new sports betting.

Consequently, a customer control standard also required to offer by online casino operators. For this trial, the regulatory body is also the licensing authority, the CIGA.

From certain notifications, the direct consequences are that, with Curacao, people from certain countries cannot undertake financial transactions.

Thus, certain territories or countries are not allowed to deposit the Curacao gambling sites. On the GC’s website, these notifications bound to found.

The member of ICG (International Gaming Council) is the Caribbean island, and to conduct honor towards the players; it has a code.

With this new era of law, for most players, this might sound like music that will protect better in the casino jungle in Curacao.