Curacao Casinos Are to Restart Activities

Casinos in Curacao, like many other entities and sectors, especially ones related to tourism, had come to a halt since the distressful coronavirus spread throughout the world. Passing a discouraging year when all profit digging hands fall short of matching the past years’ glory, Curacao casinos were desperately in need of a restriction-break.

Curacao is one of the countries which took the most hit came forth from the pandemic consequences. Even statistics estimate a long revival period to mitigate the repercussion for the island country. Mostly because the country’s economy is highly tourism and gambling dependent. And full reconstruction of those sectors won’t be possible within a short while.

To lessen total cost, increasing with the lockdown period, execs and other officials of some big-name casinos were seeking the government’s help. They pleaded to the authority to reconsider the pandemic measures and let them reopen casinos.

As it seems, the authority was already assessing the possibilities of reviving the casino sector. The government has signed an agreement on that matter with its Gaming Control Board. There might be some extra measures that all the reopened casinos would have to comply with. But it would verily be good news for all who are associated with the sector.

A license will be the basic regulating guide for a casino, but it has to close its daily activities at 8.m. All types of consumption and sale of alcohol will be prohibited.

Casino Reopening Conditions

The government will hold itself over any doubt when it described the conditions for the casinos that are about to come alive. None of these casinos can serve anything but slot machines. Tables games are not allowed to be played.

Visitors cannot spend more than two hours on casino premises. Casinos and related entities must provide separate entry and exit to only the registered visitors and come wearing a face mask.

Other than these, only half of a casino’s capacity will be occupiable. The gaming authority of Curacao will hold the respective operators responsible for any transgression of the rules. Liable operators might have to shut down their activities again and wait for the covid situation to end.