Curacao Decides to Refurbish its i-gaming License

The Dutch island country Curacao is about to restructure its licensing system for iGaming. The action will be taken as an integrated section of a federal economic rescue package’s broader level. According to the data provided by an online news portal, the island’s overall finance system has been undergoing a downfall. The portal indicated the insufficient number of tourists visit due to the threatening coronavirus as the prime reason behind Curacao’s economic disaster. Notably, tourism and gaming are the primary sources of income of this Caribbean small island.

In an attempt to cope with the loss and refurbish the whole structure, Curacao has been reportedly shouting out for donations and help towards Amsterdam. In response, the island has received instruction from the Netherland’s capital city to revamp the Curacao iGaming license system as a precondition of receiving any fund. Curacao is being reported as a region that has an undemanding iGaming license condition.

Netherlands Demand Stricter Regulations

Several news domains have highlighted the Netherlands’ interest to restructure the Gaming Control-Board of Curacao to build more strict rules on taxes and license fee collection. Even the protocols against the terrorist organization funding and regulations to govern the island’s casino industry will get to be revised in the process.

Considering the overall aspect of reinstalling the iGaming license, Curacao people are now waiting to observe this little home of online casino and betting domains to revive. The island has been in need of taking such action long ago, and now with the pressure put by the mainland, everybody is hoping to see the inappropriate and weak license system to be removed.

However, the Curacao Gaming Authority will never want to lose the only shelter it can manage to get. When the Netherlands requires Curacao to strengthen its regulations, it has no other way to avert this demand. So, the gaming authority of the island country now better concentrate on what has been demanded of them and comply with it. Thus, it will present itself as worthy to be invested in. Then the Netherlands’ authority might support it to build the external structure.