Curacao iGaming License Attracts Casinos Providing Manyfold Convenience

Different financial experts and analysts claim that the online gaming industry is not only a massive one but also it is still in its initial growth. Statistics show that revenues from this industry are climbing every year, and this inspires widespread confidence and faith that profits can be harvested for a long time from this sector, even keeping economic instability caused by different factors into consideration. Online casinos will always be a potential investment, as said those experts drawing references to their past achievements and records. As of its birth, Curacao issued license has been in the center of peoples’ demand for their easy to gain and other worthwhile qualities despite being censored by the Kingdom of Netherland for several reasons.

What makes Curacao License Unique

Despite the existence of numerous other jurisdictions that also provide licensing services, Curacao makes the top of new casinos’ shortlist by offering some extra features.

Less Complicated

The process to apply and get a license from Curacao jurisdiction is comparatively easy as it is pretty undemanding in its requirement from the applicants.


Curacao jurisdiction lets casinos have their licenses at a far cheaper rate than other available jurisdictions, which makes it the best choice for any start-up casinos.

Low Taxes

Unlike most iGaming service providers, Curacao demands 0% corporate income tax with only 25 one net gain tax.

Crypto Payments

Operators can even make any transaction using Cryptocurrencies. This feature is still unavailable to most other license-providing jurisdictions.

Fast Pace Delivery

After submitting their applications, operators do not have to wait more than 6 weeks to receive their licenses.


Holding one sub-license will give all the coverage for all kinds of casino operations. From security, credibility to finance, and reputation, all can be achieved by having one Curacao Sub-license.

At this moment, when the world has become the most disheveled and unreliable place for people who want to embark on a new venture, Curacao license provides new casinos easy access to the massive iGaming industry.