Curacao Online Gambling Data was Leaked

Thousands of online gamer’s personal information has been hacked by the leaky server. It belonged to the gambling license and solution provider of Curacao.

Reason of leaking

The information that was provided on the server was not protected by the strict system and customers’ name, phone numbers, account balance and addresses were revealed. Besides these, IP addresses, withdrawals and deposits, card details and the win rate in the bet were also revealed. It was reported by the ZDNet that Justin Paine, who was a security researcher, got stumbled on the server and this made the server unprotected and unsecured because of a password. Inside it, there was a great amount of data which refers the personal information, withdrawals and deposits.

According to the Explanation of the ZDNet, Elastisearch search engine is generally get installed on the internal network. But a company’s most sensitive information is generally, get handled by an internal search engine named Elastisearch. It protects the sensitive information of the company, but this thing has been exposed to all now. According to Paine with the search engine, the real name of the customer is exposed online so that everybody can see. The payment card details, withdrawals and the deposits were seen publicly because of this mishap.

It happened because of the breach in the system. Sub licenses are also issued by it. Curacao was regarded as one of the early adopters of online gambling. The licensing jurisdiction was live here from 1996. But it provides no check and balance policy to its licensees. Meanwhile, in the Dutch parliament, it is also issued that the government needs to be careful about the reputation of the island. Providing sublicenses to the companies may destroy international reputation.

In the last month, it was announced by the government that it is going to tighten up licensing facility for the gamblers. It is going to respond closely to the prime minister named Gerrit Schotte who was prisoned for three years as he accepted the bribe from the casino owners who were operating their business on the land. A reputed mafia connection was also found there.