Curacao Seems Undemanding in Providing iGaming License

Are all the casinos running under the Curacao license frauds or scams? The question itself is a solemn demonstration of the fact that the Curacao license shows little value in representing an associate casino’s credibility. When none can come up with an agreeable answer to the question, but everyone will come to an accord about the lameness of the e-licenses distributed by the Curacao Gaming Authority.

Getting a Curacao gaming license is comparatively easy as the regulatory board of Curacao demands only a nominal condition to be met from the license applicants. It’s apparently true that the easier it is to obtain a license, the more valueless it will be. Despite having a Curacao license is better for casinos than having no license, the easy go nature of the regulations is making the experience of the players worse and their expectation to the online gambling sector. Regulators and Authority need to come up with a viable solution for the betterment of the situation.

Minimum Requisite to Get a Curacao License

Among all the important facts that the Curacao regulatory board wants a license applicant to meet, here are some definite ones

  • The applicant must be a legal institution in the Chamber of Commerce
  • One of the founders of the casino must be a resident of Curacao
  • The credibility of the technology used in the casino should be demonstrated trustworthy to the players
  • The fairness of the associated games must not be questioned, and for that reason, all the games will be tested first
  • All the physical servers must have been located in Curacao
  • The applicants must incorporate technology or system to track player’s personal data, and all the transaction’s they make

To anybody, all these requirements may seem tough to follow, but the reality has a totally different face. These are the minimum requirements that are asked by the Curacao authority. Unlike MGA or UKGC, they never look into the authenticity of the information provided by the applicants. That’s why most of the low-quality and unreliable casinos are set for obtaining a Curacao license. Other casinos avoid it because either they are authentic, or they don’t want to be associated with the bad name that comes with Curacao license, or both.