Expectation Met When Macau’s SJM Employees Get Annual Bonus

Like many other companies worldwide, SJM holdings had gone through a difficult time in 2020 due to the pandemic coronavirus. However, the company is not seeming to give up on the issues like money trouble. It is not letting money problem to get in its way to continue its objective and plan to provide annual living allowance to all its Macau workers.

The company, like any other casino operators in that city, has offered annual bonuses to all its employees over all the years and also has confirmed that they are ready to initiate allotting checks again. The pay will get split into a couple of parts, with the first disbursement is expected to be delivered this week.

Allotment of the Reward

SJM proclaimed the payment plan shortly and will explain that it will allot the first half of the bonus this Wednesday and the other half will be delivered in July. The chairperson of the company, Daisy Ho Chiu Fung added in his announcement that they would like to be thankful to the staff and members for the diligence and support amidst the issues and challenges of the pandemic.

Employees who earn around $2,505 or a few less will be provided a two month’s bonus salary as GGRAsia stated. People who earn above that line will get a bonus which will amount to one-and-half times their salary. This bonus will be valid for all the employees, even those who have been with the company for a few months. However, those who are new entries will get their check according to the hours they gave put for the company.

A new chief financial executive has been picked by the company for ensuring the company’s continual to bring good on its vows and rebound the coronavirus issues. Toh Hock is about to overhaul Robert Earle McBain, who has decided to retire.