Face Masks now Mandatory at Casino Tables in Nevada

Nevada casinos now require players and viewers to wear face masks at table games without barriers. This rule has been applied after the Nevada Gaming Control Board updated its health and safety policy on Wednesday for casinos that are reopening.

Accordingly, licensee operators now must make it mandatory for players to wear protective face coverings when playing table and card games if there is lack of a barrier or shield or partition such as Plexiglas between the dealer, each player, spectators or any person within 6 feet of the table.

This rule applies to games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, poker and other similar games. It, however, doesn’t apply to players at slot machines. Nevertheless, casinos must encourage similar practices for the latter as well.

According to Control Board Chairwoman Sandra Morgan, casino workers have the liberty to move around the premises. However, dealers are restricted to a single location for a long time and easily exposed to several people. Further, there’s a lack of responsibility among players, which is disappointing and requires the Nevada Gaming Control Board to step in.

It is worth mentioning that casinos started reopening on June 4 after remaining closed since March to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Further adding to the precautionary measures, the Gaming Control Board has limited the number of seats at casino tables. Currently, it is 3 for blackjack, 6 for craps and 4 for roulette and poker.

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