For Online Casinos, Curacao Introduces Strict Control Rules

Creating a legal and transparent online casino sector is a significant prerequisite of the reform package. The online gambling sector of Curacao began to reform while a new licensing phase announced in Denmark. This is the Raymond Knops letters subject, Deputy Home Secretary for the Kingdom.

Based on a signed agreement, the amendment in legislation takes place. The deal is about the Covid-19 pandemic financial support. Before May of this year, Under the contract, transferred two tranches. According to the Curacao Chronicle reports, to reform the national laws, several conditions have to face by the government.

Curacao’s Strict Rules for Online Casinos

The creation of a legal and transparent gambling sector is the reform package’s essential requirements. In particular, several thousand operator’s dubious reputations referred by the agreement package of H.2 and H.19. around the world under the Curacao license, several thousand operators operate.

In total, three packages will be there.

By March 1, 2021, as part of the State Package, for the operation and establishment of the gambling sectors of a single regulatory body, the Curacao authority has to prepare a plan. The same power will carry out any further sanctions and licensing for the operators.

At present, four betting operators are playing the conditional role of the regulator – the primary license holders. By asking one of the four companies, other providers can acquire a sub-license. Simultaneously, the sub-license fees go to the primary license account, and it’s not contributing to the state budget.

According to the following requirement, by September 2021, the outside operators of the Curacao license must comply with the gaming laws of

Curacao and with the other operating countries. Such a rule does not consist of the current rule. Under these conditions, the Curacao license holding online casino will serve the Curacao players only. As a result, the sales market will decrease drastically.

Operators’ income tax rate is the third reform. According to the agreement terms, gambling tax, all license fees, and corporate tax will charge by the fiscal authorities of Curacao. 2 per cent of the generated profit will be deducted by the providers in the current period and in-state budget’s e-business area.