For the Curacao License Holder Way Forward to Deal with Strict Regulation

If the Curacao gambling regulation becomes stricter significantly, then the operators will have limited choice. The jurisdiction of Curacao ceased to be one of the most advantageous.

For operators, who have built an entire business under the Curacao gambling license, there will be only one way left out for them. For them, the most successful market is to obtain local permits and to move forward.

Way Forward for the License Holder

It creates a critical situation, and it’s tough to adjust according to the new requirements. To access the risks, the operators will have time indeed, and for further action, they have to develop a plan. It is improbable that immediately the new requirements will come into force with no transitional period after the development completion.

Once again, the outlined agreement deadlines are not the dates on which the new management should come into force. But the deadline is to reform a developing roadmap and for conducting research. For operators, there should be enough leeway and time to assess the risks, and for moving forward, the plan devises.

The recent Curacao gambling sector reform news reflects the global trend of tightening the gambling industry regulations. In particular, the online sector and, in general, the gambling sector is the main focus of reforming towards a more regulated and safer gambling market. Given the prevailing regulation, it’s only a matter of time to improve in full-scale.

For many, it remains an open question as to what this reform may lead to. The operators are waiting for the actual change, which will come after the completion of the reform. There is always a necessity to search the middle ground after trying to reform or legalize gambling. The middle ground developed on choosing between creating business opportunities or control over this business for its further development. And the aim of this is to bring income to the state.

In the agreement provision, the biggest issue is that the license holder of Curacao gambling should comply with other countries legislation where it operates. Companies currently working under Curacao’s license should at least check the legal gambling offer and its products and services in geo.