Gender Projection on Gambling

Who is better at gambling? Men or women? That’s a pretty confusing question, but some factors make gambling differ from men to women, based on genetic factors.

Researcher Stoltenberg makes it clear that every male and female has their gambling strategy depending upon their gender. They did research named ‘Does gender moderate associations among impulsivity and health-risk behaviors?’

In this research, Stoltenberg used the most accurate data readings, and the study showed that men are used to gambling more frequently with more extensive and higher losses in the United States. It is necessary to understand and explore how gender acts in random events rather than pit one against another. Usually, Men tend not to admit their defeat to women.

The Difference in Gambling Behavior

Almost all researchers always agree about the rate of women’s addiction to gambling and its proportion compared with their male counterparts.

Shaffer H revealed a study about the disordered gambling act and its incident. That study showed female gamblers exposed gambling problem symptoms with a rate of 7.1% when the opposite gender has around 20.1%

Now, it could be controversial because that research was done in 1999, a long time ago. But today, it has been proved by thousands of examples that females are not prone to be as addicted as men. The number of female’s addiction to gambling is generally lower than men’s gamblers.

Another research done by United Kingdom’s gambling commission brought the ratio of 1.2% of males and 0.2% of females are pathological gamers as the regular survey of 2016. Besides, in Australia, based on gambling addiction statistics, 0.8% of females are considered problem gamblers than 1.5% of men. The reason behind this characteristic is rooted in many combination factors, not only for characteristics. Sociological impact, exposure, and genetic predisposition are the possible factors.

Dr. Robert Lefever said that demonstrate a bravo is a predominant act that men instinctively have. According to him, men do not intend to show off by birth, and it grows with they grow. Taking risk is considered as a male culture, and proud to have it.



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