GeoComply Ascent to Unicorn Status with Atairos and Blackstone Investments 

Geolocation services are provided by GeoComply solutions to gaming operators. It is one of the private companies in rarefied air whose growth is emerging.

If a company held a technology worth at least $1 billion, then it is called Unicorn. This Unicorn status is applicable to the company. In a Canadian cybersecurity firm, the first inflow of institutional capital is worth $1 billion as the $1 billion dollar category exceeds it called Unicorn.

Blackstone and Atairos helped GeoComply to ascent this Unicorn status. In technology firms, minority undisclosed investments are made by those companies.

In 2010, GeoComply moved to Vancouver, and it was based in Las Vegas in previous. GeoComply is the third company to become a unicorn in the Canada region.

Blackstone, Atairos Has Good Timing

With the booming sports wagering market in the US, GeoComply services demand to rise. As Atrios and Blackstone invest in GeoComply, it is estimated that they may get an advantage for the propitious timing.

Straightforward technology and services are provided by the GeoComply to gaming companies. GeoComply products are used by the sportsbook operator to check whether the internet clients are doing right or wrong. Whether they are placing the bet in the right place where there is a legal activity.

As live and legal sports wagering is available in Washington, DC, and 21 states, in the US, it’s an important point. Moreover, online betting and true mobile are not permitted in all those states in recent times. For example, mobile wagering is not allowed in New York, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

At the state level, sports betting is highly regulated, and for this, the provided technology by GeoComply is a necessity for gaming companies.

There is also the relationship between GeoComply and competing vendors.

Other Offerings

Play pause was launched by GeoComply last year. The aim of PlayPause is to facilitate responsible wagering habits at online venues.

The self-exclusion list which placed the bettor in another level can be carried out from one state to other states with the help of the product. At no cost, operators can enjoy this service as the company provides it.

BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel are the clients of GeoComply gaming company. In the US, the three largest online sportsbooks are these.