Getting Licence for Betting Become More Stricter Than Before

Considering and contemplating the situation, the Gaming Authority of Curacao has undergone the past couple of months as the Mainland of Netherlands has been pushing it to introduce a stricter license system for betting. Curacao has no choice without abiding by the rules of the government of the Kingdom of the Netherland. It’s because the economy of this small island has been curtailed by around 30%.

The island needed financial aid as it was going through critical conditions raised by the pandemic impact and as its financial regeneration of the regional businesses.

Betting License of Curacao

Curacao’s authority, who offers a betting license, must follow a strict to the casino operators before approving any document as not all of them will be qualified or trustworthy to execute the betting business. It has been found several of the companies and firms were offering their betting service in several of the other countries where betting and gambling were not considered legal activities. Effective steps must be planned and taken to prevent cash laundering in the country. The regulatory committee must be strict and rigorous to enforce all the laws so that the casino and betting operators provide their gaming services effectively abiding by the Dutch government’s laws.

The measurement taken by the Government of Curacao has been acclaimed by the members of parliaments of the Dutch government. Ronald Van Raak said that the loose and irresponsibly easy licensing opportunities for gaming were acting as a threat to the politics of the Caribbean government. It’s because many Mafia group was deploying those casinos just like their ATM machine. Political activities were already on the verge of rising. However, with this stricter laws’ execution, all those terrorist groups can now be prevented as those illegal casinos were their safe heaven.

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