Holidays will be Extended until January 11 in Curacao

The measures which are already in the effect in Curacao due to Covid-19 will be effective until 11th January of this month and this has been assured by the Eugene Rhuggenaath, who is the prime minister of Curacao. Though the number of Covid-19 suspects is decreasing the government cannot be slack in the maintenance of its health issues to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Announcement of holidays

The holidays are going to be enhanced for weeks for the evaluation of the actual number of the suspects. This announcement is published recently after the weekly meeting of the government employees and the lawmakers. According to the prime minister, to be relaxed now will be the sign of immaturity now. If the number of infection increases, it will be very tough for the government to take the situation under the control. On the other hand, if strict lockdown is imposed, the country will face another economic strike that will be very tougher to prevent.

He fears the lockdown situation for the country as the countries like Suriname and Mexico have failed to sustain their economic growth during the time of lockdown. It very pathetic for them to continue the holidays yet now as this is affecting on GDP of these countries greatly.

The researchers have found a new type of mutated virus which is from the same family of Covid-19. The report has already assured that this new type of virus has spread already in the Netherland. Rhuggenaath has requested everyone to take the precautionary measures. He showed his grief that there are still a few people who are not serious about the adherence of safe living. He believes that they will follow all the safety rules as soon as possible. He calls on the business owners to maintain the rules and work according to health tips.


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