In Canadian Market Softweave to Introduce Winafar

Software’s Winafar products that allow players to play from their homes on computer devices or their mobile and play land-based slot machine will introduce in Canada. Last year at New Jersey’s, the technology first debuted.

Slot Machines at Home with Winafar

In the Canadian gambling market, the Winafar product will launch by the software developer Softweave. Across Canada, the casino operator will choose the new software, and it will be trendy, the company stated confidence about it. To supply the market with its product, Softweave collaborated with the RBY (Canadian Distributor) gaming.

Winafar will offer a unique way to the customer to play slot machines from their own homes, Winafar will make it possible. The technology works to allow players to use their mobile devices or own computers they can operate physical slot machines. If the customers on their location, they can win real prizes who choose to play with the machine.

In the slot cabinet, the products need to plug, and via microphone or camera will automatically give a live feed to the customers. Via dedicated websites, once a player stated to play, they will start to feel that they are playing on the land-based casino physically. Using player’s smartphones, computers and tablets, all the reel’s authentic sound and image can capture.

To CasinoBeats, Roy Greenbaum, CEO of Softweave, said that “In Canada, we bring Winafar to local operators, and we are thrilled about it. The Market started to offer the live casino experience all around the world, while traditional table games are the focus of these markets. On the casino floor, right out there, playing slots is an opportunity which gives to the player by Winafar.

In HardRockCasino Dot Com Winafar’s Debut

To introduce this device last year, Softweave and became partners to officially the world’s first casino available for this technology. At Hard Rock Atlantic City’s private room, the device located.

In’s live slots area, a range of real slot machines can see the New Jersey Players when they walk through Hard Rock Atlantic City.

If the machine is not already used by another player, they can find and continue to return; this is the real-life experience.